Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Dioramas #3

Here is an excellent diorama by Ben and Evan. Great job, guys!

Dioramas #2

Here we have dioramas by Jackson and Declan. Very cool stuff!


Here we have some of our first clay works and dioramas by Allison! Good job!

Masks #6

Here we have masks by Katie and Skyler. Awesome work!

Masks #5

Masks by Tess and Evan. Nice stuff!

Masks #4

Here we have masks by Caroline, Lily, and Maddie. Great stuff!

Masks #3

Here we have a mask by Mavis, a hand cast by Alanna, and a mask by Allison. Very cool!

Masks #2

Here we have masks by Jackson, Declan and Lynn. Great work!


The daycare art studio has been exploring mask making with great results! Here are masks from Nikhil, Meghan, and the gang on the wall!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Nikhil's Dragon Drawings and Paintings

Here we have a selection of dragons from our very talented senior artist, Nikhil. The painting towards the bottom is a monochromatic work, and the painting towards the top is a work in progress. Impressive stuff!

Drawings And Paintings by Declan

Here we have a man swimming in the ocean by a parking lot, a monochromatic landscape in acrylic, and a sea horse drawn by our very talented junior artist, Declan.

Acrylic Adventures #2

Here we have (mostly) monochromatic works by Ben H., Allison, Alanna, and Evan J. Very interesting!

Acrylic Adventures #1

Here we have a monochromatic landscape by Kee-Lih, a work in progress by Tess, and a monochromatic landscape by Katie. Nice stuff!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Multimedia projects #6

Two beautiful multimedia works by Cassidy and Ruby. (Thanks to Kevin Tollman for some inspiration!) Great stuff, girls!

Multimedia Madness #5

Great works by Ben H., Evan J., and Allison (inspired by Kevin Tollman). Nice stuff everybody!

Multimedia works #4

Two works by Caroline, followed by two works by Dexter. Click on the image to see more detail. Great work, guys!

Multimedia Works #3

Multimedia works by Meghan (in process), Katie, and Nikhil. Awesome stuff!

Multimedia Extravaganza #2

Here we have some multimedia works by Kee-Lih, Alanna, and Tess. Alanna has been inspired by New-Mexico based Kevin Tollman, an abstact artist, and Tess has been inspired by Michael Abraham, a local Vancouver artist. Very interesting work!